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Career Opportunities

Another feature of this complex is the use of young, educated and motivated workers at the levels of technical technician, expert, master's degree and doctorate in the fields of medical engineering, mechanics, metallurgy and biomaterials.

Detailed design:

In terms of design, it should be mentioned that the design of the company's products is completely in line with the famous and well-known brands of this industry in European and American countries, in this regard, the use of equipment such as optical measuring machine (VMM) as well as 3D scanners with software Specialized design software has helped the accuracy of designs.


Part of our product

Bone Tech Medical Instrument Company is working in the field of designing and producing all kinds of orthopedic implants and we are proud to produce world quality Iranian products in the following four groups and supply them to domestic and foreign markets.

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complex structure

  • orthopedics
  • spinal cord
  • jaw and face
  • Bone grafts

One of the largest orthopedic implant manufacturers in the region

spinal cord

The innovators of Parsian Derman, the most complete set of implants and instruments for open spine surgeries

jaw and face

Maxillofacial implants (CMF) complete set of screws and plates

Bone grafts

Localization of synthetic bone graft production technology under the Bone Tech® brand

about us

Vision : National self-sufficiency in the field of producing all kinds of implants, striving to become the best brand in the country's orthopedic industry.

Short term: complete production of implants and orthopedic sets

Duration: production of implants and spinal surgery sets, synthetic bone grips, long duration: production of orthopedic prostheses and bio-implants. Values:

Innovation and transformation, commitment, teamwork

Our small view

Our Iran Health exhibition

The holding of the Iran Health exhibition, a great opportunity for scientific and technological exchanges in the field of medical equipment in Tehran in June of this year, witnessed a great event in the health industry that Parsian Derman, the innovative company, has been in the exhibition section next to Iran Health all these years

Advantages and advantages

Remarkable quality compared to domestic products and competitive with foreign products. Full variety of product portfolio. Very wide distribution network.

Currently, the following products can be mentioned among the products of this company:

Production of a complete basket of orthopedic products, including screws, plates, and indigo, and sets of orthopedic spine implants, orthopedic and spine surgery tests, for the first time in the country, the production of synthetic bone grafts.







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